(From The Great Nothing September 2006) http://www.thegreatnothing.com/reviews/view.php?review_no=1000 Review by Mark Fisher

Horns used for Butting

I have to admit that as a metal reviewer some pretty odd albums/bands have landed on my desk. Perhaps the king of the oddities however is the man known simply as 7 and his gnomish folk album Horns Used for Butting. Utilizing the intriguing name Diable Amoreux, 7 makes me want to visit Tasmania if nothing else.

Having not encountered a man that is steeped so highly in gnome culture, I'm not sure what to make of Horns Used for Butting. On one hand I laughed my ass off during the screech and growl opening incantation “Horns of the Green Inverted Goat.” I thought I was in for a long and painstaking ride to say the least. Track 2 however (“The Contemplation of Gnomes”) quickly put the album back on task by offering a seriously talented piece of music. From there the album just gets better and better, each time offering something that you truly have not heard before. My personal favorites include the title track and “The Island of the Dead.” Each song here offers something slightly different from the song before it (and music in general) while maintaining a consistently rarely heard in off kilter offerings.

Horns Used for Butting is a seriously good album if you are willing to look past the often silly imagery and some of the off the deep end songs (there are only a couple of them). Obviously this going to be compared to black metal bands because 7 dresses and paints himself like a gnome and utilizes much of the same imagery but musically it has literally nothing in common with the genre. This truly is creative and inspiring folk music that fans looking for something way off the beaten path should check out.