Yet again this is a very bad translation from the original Russian.

(From Stigmata Magazine 2006)

Horns used for Butting

It is similar, the spectre Of mortiisa still ferments, but not on Europe, but in the countries more exotic. Australia, for example. Well, it wants the young talents of easy money. If Mr. mortiis did pretend himself trollem and did earn capital, then than we are worse? It is correct? It was malicious trollem, we will reembody into the gnomes. Gnomes are not a bit not less kharizmatichny than others zhyvotnye of fenteziynogo zoo... On the whole, assume one additional patient - the uncle on name 7, who stands after project DIABLE AMOREUX, and which fulfills gnomiy of folk. Aha. Not aby shto, gnomiy... I said "gnomiy", while not "homo". Homo -folkerami already no one you will astonish, but gnome -folker thus far to entire peace one, yes even that in Tasmania. However, the reader attentive will note that the review of one of the disks DIABLE AMOREUX already appeared at the pages stigmas. Yes. This was the previous album of gnome -folkera. Obviously, Australian was so it was touched by that fact that although someone about it wrote that introduced us into its f3nks- sheet... he would know it that precisely we about it wrote! However, the new work DIABLE AMOREUX noticeably is differed from the fact that with us was brought to hear earlier. First, album is released in CD size. In the second place, comrade 7 no longer vereshchit, but he sings. Ridiculously it sings, but it sings. Thirdly, music DIABLE AMOREUX began to resemble present folk - there are many acoustic tools, even guitar is located. Appeared sessional musicians. Yes even songs themselves became similar to the songs, the melodies and any strange pieces like the arrangements are examined in them. I acknowledge, song The Island of the Dead to me even was pleased. Visualize that Diamanda Of galas suddenly decided to play a little folk. Visualize that its torknula oldovaya Gothics like CINEMA STRANGE. Visualize that it did replace floor, finally it did descend from the mind and did change clothes into the gnome, who, true, more greatly was similar to the clown -kuklusklanovqa... they did represent? Well, then you on the accurate way. Perhaps, DIABLE AMOREUX - the very crazy project of our days. I will add also that before us the 7th full-format album of command! It is similar, man in reality is absorbed by creation. As to evaluate this creation, 4 I do not know. Before us messenger from another universe. Yes, if who interested herself in this command, then disk will be sent free of charge with any order from our m31l- warrant. It does not want me so that it would raise dust in me on the regiment. Peace must hear about the real madmen. P.S. Texts in command are prikol'nye. For example: Necro clouds, necro clouds, I want to be under necro clouds.