(From Lunar Hypnosis July 2006) Review by By JJM http://cp05.ionhosting.com/~joelh/diableamoreuxreviews.htm#horns

Horns used for Butting

Mr. 7 and his odd gnomic apocalyptic folk band Diable Amoreux returns in 2006 with his seventh self released album titled ‘Horns Used for Butting.’ Much like 2004’s ‘Ringstone Round’ Diable Amoreux is giving us some rather strange prickly, but complex music.

The high pitched vocals that were a large part of the previous album are used in much more moderation on this release, and are replaced with more clear singing and of course some other weird styles too. Another new addition is the usage of five session musicians who handle a variety of instruments and make this already diverse style of Diable Amoreux even more colorful. They handle everything from extra guitars, drums, and vocals to violins, ukulele, and some sort of strange dog lifting playing around and stomping, which is heard at the end of ‘Storchy weather.’ In case you’re wondering, yes it’s pretty odd. The music is also much more folk concentrated and leaves the more ambient/experimental tendencies from older releases behind them. With all things considered Horns Used for Butting is another enjoyably bizarre creation from this band from the land down under that I’d definitely recommend to fans of abnormal folk music.