(From Lunar Hypnosis July 2006) http://blizzard.ionhosting.com/~joelh

Diable Amoreux (The Devil in Love) is one veeeeeery strange band…

Try an imagine the weirdest parts of Nurse With Wound, Devil Doll, Omnia, Especially Likely Sloth, and ‘Swastikas for Noddy' era Current 93 and your somewhat on the right path to understanding what Diable Amoreux sounds like.

Described as Gnomic Folk from the bands sole mastermind (known only as 7), this is the bands sixth album since forming in 1998. Diable Amoreux hails from Tasmania, Australia and after listening to this album I can only assume something is very much amiss in the land down under. Starting out as a more ambient sounding project DA has since evolved to more of an eccentric apocalyptic folk/medieval styled band. What really sets this band apart from the others in this genre though is that for the most part its upbeat and bubbly and 7 uses this weird high pitched retarded vocal style that… well doesn't quite sound like anything else I've heard before. Maybe imagine your favorite cartoon character breathing in helium and tripping on acid and then perhaps you'll understand what 7's vocals sound like. He also uses a spoken voice, a more death-ish like voice, an operatic voice, and occasionally higher pitched choral like vocals. Mr. Doctor would be proud of him if he heard this. Much like the vocals the lyrics are rather bizarre as well, certainly straying away from the usual apocalyptic, death, loveless, runic rants that most bands in this genre write about.

Although things are rather silly on this disc the music is actually pretty elaborate. It mostly floats around the fastly plucked acoustic guitar & violin area, but sometimes there's some bombastic percussion and piano spliced in as well. Also sometimes the songs take on a more ambient/experimental structure that I really don't know how to describe. Everything is performed quite well and even if you don't like the vocals I think you'll definitely be able to appreciate 7's musicianship. What I'm still confused on though is whether or not the band intends on the listener to laugh or if were suppose to be taking this seriously?

Nevertheless this is some interesting music that's definitely able to put a smile on my face every time I listen to it. If you're looking for something different I suggest you visit the bands myspace page to hear it for yourself and see if you like it.

July 20, 2006