(From Stigmata Magazine 2006. This is a very bad translation from the original Russian.)

Ringstone Round

Samizdat Oy, mlya. Tvorchesvo of mentally deranged in the poorest sense of this word. Aesthetes tear to pieces stringed and key-actuated, tyuey povizgivayut by silly voices and they wriggle. Visualize the band of ukurkov, which will peel on the tools, despising the ranges of every kind and the chords, jeer above the vocal operating times Diamany Of galass and suckling-pig Khryushi simultaneously, the general rhytmics of music wildly resembling sonic tracking shapito with the drunk clowns. Mockery, briefly. The new album by the Australian ambient apocalyptic folk band... No, well it is how? Australia, as is known, in its time was continent- prison, where the Britain empire fused entire human rubbish. It is obvious that in the flows of criminals, insurgents and dissatisfied by authority rushed by the drops of those having pathologic sincere deflections, and here now we deal concerning the creation of their descendants, who besides the hybrid genes of ancestors experienced even and the action of the burning Australian sun on their own weak heads. People here find similarity with DVAR, 4 it is far from worshippers of somewhat strange creation and vizionerskikh proclamations of the latter, but their name in my eyes is not stained by a similar idiocy. There is the marketable opinion about the need for searches it is plus even in quite rasposlednem govne, pier obosrat' each can, and to someone it can it pleases itself, the dear association can be if such there are, I propose urgent duel on the electric drills - I will chop into the cabbage, that b gene pool did not spoil. Can 4, of course, bydlo and snob, and it is not capable to estimate the uncommon flight of eksperimentatorskoy thought. But indeed experiment must be interesting, but not sickening, it is correct? 4 personally, I love, if the discussion deals with apokaliptik-folke so that everything would be at its places - vokal on its, drums, guitars and other pipes on its, gudelki, gnashings and noise - on its. And still I do love, when from the tools are extracted beautiful sounds and pleasantly they do sing by normal voices, can 4 izvrashchenets? "each artist, who sketches green sky and blue grass must be sterilized" - guess, whose of word?