Again, a slightly dodgy translation:

Obscure & extreme - like Current93!

Release: 2010 Label: Self-production / marketing

Genre: Avant-Garde, Neo (Folk), Industrial

Escaped from the cabinet of curiosities, seems "Zwergen" the new long-player of the Tasmanian collective Diable Amoreux who reveals the music here is strongly reminiscent of David Tibet and Current93 & texts, which may develop in the wrong neck of the boomerang first class.

"Zwergen" could just as well appear on a label eager to experiment, but saw in professional self-production the light of day on in-house recordings Manufactory DA (Diable Amoreux) Records based in Tasmania.

Content transported "Zwergen" a bizarre world of mostly pagan elements, (please discuss political background with the band itself! - thanks) in topics such as the Holocaust, Lebensrune etc. drifts, why do-gooders with exaggerated political correctness setting better go here at a distance. Who, however, in Neofolk found nothing strange, engages here to unconcerned and receives a booklet with all the lyrics that on the Australian and Tasmanian side (in the majority) determined no strangeness trigger.

At the 12 sound recordings to "Zwergen" puttered a whole 'army', which finds mention here: 7, Michael Fallson (Beastianity) Paraplethon (Spear of Longinus), Kalon Salter (The Auralees / Nux Vomica), Carly Peters (The Yollering Woods), Andreas Faust (Nos / Alpha Centauri) Caitlin Jones (Hail Satan and the Insane Fuckers) & Lady Penelope (An Unearthly Child). If you the names of its contributors purely say anything, are you feeling like me, a fact that is bearable given the interesting listening experience that somewhere deep symbiosis of Current93, Psychic TV & Diamanda Galás unearths, which are either thrilled or complete by fall! Who primarily acoustic "stuff" of Current93 and particularly appreciates the voice of David Tibet, is expected here catch a light that moves close to the model, but is characterized by autonomy. Even the friends of Psychic TV & the Diamanda Galás come to "Zwergen" their money, not just in the background - promise!

Due to the very homogeneous final result, which only appeals to a very specific target group, the scan tip that might be the whole work for real Neofolk and Industrial disciples omitted.


Diable Amoreux deliver with "Zwergen" is a very obscure how extreme sounds which exclusively uses of listeners who appreciate the old "spirit" of the Neofolks & the Old School Industrials, which not only friends but also enemies causes - my absolute recommendation!