DIABLE AMOREUX - Hearts In The Dark (CD reviews Folk & Medieval Dark Ambient)


Published on 7th May 2011 by TOM

8 of 10 pieces of silver

What does one expect from someone who finds inspiration in almost all genres of music?
Since everything can or arise out of nothing. What the Australians Amoreux Diable, which in a nutshell 7th called, conjures from his snapped influences, there are on the album "Hearts In The Dark" to explore. As a proper name, the music is under the genre 'gnomic folk' and consists of components of the Neo Folk, Ambient, Industrial, Gothic Rock, Black Metal, and sounds, spoken words, and much more.
Who such a wide variety of music as the man from Down Under, the claims to both Burzum, Joy Division, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Misfits, Johnny Cash - to name but a few - is one of his sources of inspiration, can it just create something, what one has previously never get heard.
Since 1998, there is the already exceptional project. I must admit that I am from the Lord who shows only a white mask and red cape, have heard nothing to date.
The work "Hearts In The Dark", which contains 16 tracks, is a concept album that deals with rats. To cite one example, Song 13, "The Wedding Dress", is about a rat that crawls in a wedding dress, then discovered by a lady and interpreted as a warning to avoid the wedding. The bride disappears and bursts the wedding.
The normal music listeners, even if it moves more into alternative genres, this album certainly no longer than the question 'What is it? " . Elicit In short, probably more Diable Amoreux tailored to a specific group. "Hearts In The Dark" thus has the abstract part of the music.
Sonically you get the full range of the possible set before it will be a variety of moods generated more variety and richness is basically impossible. If one is initially in a noise clutter, which projects a nightmarish situation, the next moment by a cheerful banjo sounds 'Jippy yeah' produced in Western style. Often several minutes to be heard only noise.
Keyboard melodies similar to those of Burzum go to a witch laugh at, some texts are presented in Hörspielart and more are being added all the other factors.
Although the total work depends a bit bizarre to find a few nice moments of sound. One has to Diable Amoreux own picture and then decide whether the music for a match or not. I must say that I am overwhelmed with the sound of something which does not mean that the work is bad in itself. Qualitatively, the album is a solid matter, but is designed for containing specific tastes.

NecroWeb.de magazine, Don Peperoni