Hearts In The Dark

DA Records

Diable AMOREUX - band from Tasmania, an island hanging out somewhere near Australia.
We already wrote about it (and time), but you probably forgot about it, though I can understand you - release the group on the free sharing services are not met, and were themselves Releases DIABLE AMOREUX never been something must for your reference.

Behind the project is the person, hiding under a pseudonym 7.
This is the person calls his music "gnomic folk", that is folk music for the dwarfs. You will not believe it, but Hearts In The Dark - 17 th album DIABLE AMOREUX. Well, there is a white light of the draft since 1998. Agree, 17 th album to something so obliging.

Hearts In The Dark is really qualitatively different from the stuff I've heard to this day. Yes, and he published a much more professional - the cover to it, for example, drew Mark Morte from a known black metal band NAZXUL.

So, at first gnomic folk was a rather strange mix of post-black metal, punk, neofolk, which was supplemented by chaotic voice broadcast by a la DVAR. Over time, the music DIABLE AMOREUX becoming more accessible to perception, approaching more or less familiar punk and post-folk. New job Tasmanian gnome sounds like would sound THE RESIDENTS, if they got carried away neofolk. In general, it's still quite crazy music, but it is already possible to listen without harm to health consciousness. Characteristic features of the new album: on it a lot of instrumental tracks, and the whole work sounds a monolith, not disintegrating into pieces.

Hearts In The Dark - Music at a very unusual and complex audience. I think its potential audience even smaller audience what else WHITEHOUSE, but in its own way is an interesting and original music, whose existence I only welcome it. More crazy music!