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Hermann's Horn / Diable Amoreux
Winter Thoughts
Drone • Folk / Ethnic / Tribal • Psychedelic






Bad Translation

What they throw in here, once a good old-fashioned viny single that was sent to us from Tasmania (!). The two acts in that remote corner of the world resident acts on this split 7" with the title 'Winter Thoughts' are involved, fit very well together in their dark weird folk at the first hearing at least as much akin to Sixties acid folk Pearls Before Swine and acts like Dr. Strangelove than the strangely apocalyptic folk of a generation later.

On one side of the plate, we meet the very enigmatic Hermann's Horn (try it yourself to google, and myspace Discogs even know this act, but the song stands or on youtube ). "Deep Dreams With Flare After Long Hold" is called the song and it is particularly intriguing, intoxicating and spooky and is a whole towards the end drone with a folk instrument that sounds like me in the hurdy-gurdy and banjo. According to the short bio that was sent is the act so obscure and his releases are so limited that even diehard fans are forced to rely on bootlegs! Are we still lucky bags Dark Entries that just send us!

The act on the other side of the plate, unlike Hermann Horn's no stranger to the Dark Entries camp. Diable Amoreux rejoiced us in the past with heavy freaky wyrd folk albums "Ring Stone Round" (2005), "Horns Used For Butting" (2006) and "zwergen" (2010). '7 ', The artist behind this project could be in the song "Cosmic Clown" back in full steam with gefreakte' gnomic folk 'with pychotische troll voices. This too is full of acid folk atmosphere and that is also reflected in the lyrics: "Symbols and bells we think or thee / Remember me to LSD. Jaja…

This is a very nice thing for fans of dark wyrd / weird folk, acid folk, drone folk and relatives. It appeared on DA Records, the label's own Diable Amoreux and available at the merchandise section of its website.


Henk Vereecken