(From Maelstrom November 2010) http://maelstrom.nu/ezine/review_iss70_5580.php?sid=c4e2f2eb340b41efd25511e0&page_rs=4&osCsid=c4e2f2eb340b41efd25511e0

Review by Chaim Drishner (7/10)


7 (indeed, the number seven), founder and usually the sole member of Diable Amoreux — a peculiar Australian clandestine entity — offers us Zwergen (German for gnome), the band's 10th release to date, if the count is right.

Diable Amoreux’s music is still the sweetest music in the most twisted manner on Zwergen, although it is less versatile or eclectic than previous albums, as it focuses pretty much on quasi-tranquil neo-folk-ish ballads (dubbed as "apocalyptic folk" by 7), minimal on music or orchestration yet heavy on lyrical citations and long speeches; eccentric lyrics, peculiar arrangements and 7's own strange and hysterical voice, all add up to this curiosity-meets-a-freak-show kind of album. It’s something one would find easy to either hate or adore, but would find impossible to ignore. (7 (Pun not intended)/10)