(From Stigmata Magazine 4th July 2010)

Bad Translation again, sorry...

DA Records

Have you heard them singing - oh, no - not thrush, and ... gnomes?

If you are interested in what it is, drive DIABLE AMOREUX Zwergen a really for you, for a young man from Tasmania, under the pseudonym "7", persistently develop the theme of gnomes in his work, to develop it in this album to the limit. I must say that creativity DIABLE AMOREUX, by definition of the 7, akin to the activities of the medium: through him, they say, dwarfs pass on their message to the world of men. Yes, all that stuff seriously. I think even that is quite in the spirit of July to send the proceeds from the sale of the album, a fund to fight for the liberation of garden gnomes from the ignominious yoke of landscape design. However, this is just an assumption. Much more likely it can be argued that not every digest music DIABLE AMOREUX. Although the author and calls it "apocalyptic folk", without any additions to this definition of "Gnomish" and "acid" still can not do. Perhaps, his music and can call a psychopathic, as well as other cool words. However, do not see the point - gnomes, and they have gnomes, that they require? They both can, and sing ...

In the design of the album can be spotted runes, as well as crooked little men with the same runes on the caps. In general, fluttering creatures, gnomes are the Apocalypse. They come and sing - iskarezhennymi, twisted inside out votes with absolutely unthinkable intonational differences. Accompany their singing weird, mostly strings and not very graceful accompaniment. Of course, the dwarfs are difficult to express themselves in a disciplined manner, and they kept slipping into his tricks, as in singing and in music. Kindergarten pipes and expressiveness in the speech, a decent studio amateur madhouse. From banal human point of view it sounds hypertrophied in all senses.

What did they sing gnomes mouth DIABLE AMOREUX. In general, mountain dwarfs, judging by their verse, misanthropes, and possibly Satanists, as does 7. What are their abstracts and the program, I do not understand. I think this is "silly, silly holocaust ", expressing the line of one of the songs Zwergen. Or "hate the man hate a woman, and as soon as possible" (from the same place). What good is this album, and indeed a lover the devil, so that is what he does not deny the local, but for someone and widespread ridicule of his music. And what's wrong? I do not know, I think, this contagious psychosis with gnomes - eat into song in memory and is no longer possible to look at the porcelain gnomes with the same indifference.