(From Sepia Chord April 2010)


Artist: Diable Amoreux

CD: "Zwergen"

This is the fourth album I've experienced from Tasmania's Diable Amoreux and over all the band's mastermind, 7, is still following his own distinctly non-mainstream path.

At it's heart the work here is evil folk music, but even people I know how are into apocalyptic folk find 7 too odd for their tastes. He does present some challenging elements: his sinister/psychotic gnome voice (check out "We of the Moutain") and the Pan(icked) flute solo "Though it Rains"... and yet... yet...

Diable Amoreux' newest collection "Zwergen" contains 7's most accesible piece I've heard from him!

The tune "Spinning Wheels on Maiden Heels" has it's roots in medieval folk music (and folk magic) and is *POSITIVELY LOVELY*.

There *is* magic(k) in this track as I feel compelled to walk around humming it for the rest fo the day.