This review was originally written in Belgium and I have left it as the internet translator interpreted it.

(From Dark Entries Magazine October 2005)

Ringstone Round

What has sent them our now? Completely freaked out gothic apocalyptic folk with already just as disturbed, cartooneske ' had ' stemmetjes. On the cover a gang of evil trolls or extremely maliciously looking gnomen. This sounds weird and completely neurotic. Diable Amoreux (no, we are it not that poor French type, thus is called this project real) is one man project originating from the Australian island Tasmania. The kerel behind the project calls itself ` 7 and has been interested in apocalyptic folk, ambient and black metal. He is already busy of 1998 (to t seems he lives rather and in an institution) and according to its biography is not this album is sixth weapon fact. The album counts 14 songs and hidden track and lasts exactly no hour. The instrument exists from synths, acoustic jet ear, violins and drumcomputer. Of far there are, however, musical raakpunten with link such as Coil, Current 93 and Mortiis. With regard to vocal the conceptual albums with horror role game and a multiple come to (evil) stemmetjes of old school black metal king King diamond dense in the buurt. The opener "The Wizard or New Zealand" is simply brilliant in its psychotic gekte. You must have heard it believe it. That already even distressing psychotically puts on already just as highly-strung rhythms in "Little Cheeks" as the opener. Creepy Tuxedomoon violins in combination with spooky synths hear we on the instrumental "Ley the Way", pure horrorfilmsoundtrack are this. "Ophelia" - another spectacular figure - are then a song evil full whispering in combination with the high, psychopatic stemmetje popular on this album. And "Ringstone Round Little Ditty" does think Floyds most shifted number "Several species or Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With of pink a Pict". As ` 7 its animal totem has already found, is that without doubt the tasmaanse devil. [Hv]