( From Dark Entries Webzine 3 March 2010. Not a very good translation, sorry. )



Experimental Folk / Ethnic / Tribal Psychedelic


"Wyrd Folk" - or "weird folk" if you will - is pretty much the same thing in the sixties 'acid folk' (or even "psych folk") called. Think of Pearls Before Swine and Dr. Strangely Strange. Acid folk acts such as Comus and Simon Finn proved of great influence on include David Tibet and Current 93. These Diable Amoreux (the name is their own responsibility crooked French) moves - since 1998 - in these waterways, but still sounds a lot geflipter'. "Wyrd" is now very very 'weird'. The music of Diable Amoreux (from the Australian island of Tasmania) is filled with crazy troll voices that sound pretty evil. "Gnomic folk" genre was the name that we invented their previous release spot and witness the title and the artwork they go with this new release "Zwergen" (12 tracks, 48 minutes) to continue the same momentum.

Acid folk, apocalyptic folk, gothic metal and even black are the inspiration for '7', as the guy behind the project calls himself. The photo in the CD booklet does he look like a black metal troll, Mortiis genre. He appears to have a penchant for experimental electronics, flutes and acoustic guitar. Songs like "Spinning Wheels On Maiden Heels" (song really blessed with a little more than vocals and acoustic guitar campfire) do not help thinking neo-folk and Current 93. "Hewey Dewey" goes towards what Genesis P. Orridge. When the whistle arise, is also an act like The Soil Bleeds Black not far away. . My favorite song is undoubtedly the narrative folky "We Of The Mountain", that almost sounds like a crazy cross between The Legendary Pink Dots and Paul Roland. Everything is here: all kinds of strange noises (as of dwarfs in rocks with picks chipping and rodent-like sounds strange as Pink Floyd's "Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict"), gefreakte voices, weird electronics, beautiful acoustic guitar and both funny ( "Singing 'up Scup, and Scully, fa-la-la / Singing' up Scup, and Scully, fa-la-lee") and ominous ("Looked into her eyes, her eyes / I've looked into her eyes / and seen the murder that there lies / I've seen where murder lies") lyrics. The opener "Molly, Dear Molly " is crazy good.

I find this really wonderful. Some people will the freaky voices on the likely duration of the nerves. But I'm an unconditional fan.