(From Maelstrom issue 51 2007)


review by: Chaim Drishner


Diable Amoreux the peculiar Australian one-man-show released in mid 2007 an obscurity by the name of Omog . A CD-R containing about 37 minutes of sonic peculiarity that will appeal to the very few either avid fans or the mentally deranged. Compared to the cohesive, rather accessible and mercifully coherent and wonderful Horns Used for Butting from the previous year, Omog is out there.

Released by the productive Australian D.I.Y. CD-R label Smell the Stench, Omog contains seven odd tracks of chants, whispers, citations in French, some neoclassical moments (or the samples of such) and eerie industrial interludes.

Each track consists of a totally different sonic approach and set of sounds; if one track is more into vocal minimalism, then another is more guitar-oriented, buzzing and relentless; if a track is drenched in high-pitched and soft feminine chants, then the next is horrendously harsh, cold and completely electronic, and so on and so forth.

The experience is holistic and it should be listened to as such. One track cannot be divided from the next or the previous one. The sum of the tracks generates an eerie, unsettling cinematic experience; a soundtrack for a mad-house, the music of the damned desolate, foreboding and decadent.

Strange and fucked up but also surprisingly original and dark. However, not another Horns Used For Butting , not by a long shot. (Strange and estranged /10)