(From Neozine November 2006)


Horns used for Butting
This CD is really hard to believe!!! If most people make it past the
first couple minutes of the CD, I'd be suprised. Of cours, the
people who read Neo aren't afraid of some painful experimentation.
I'd recommend going further if you want to hear something unlike any
other recording in the world. Like I said, the first few minutes are
difficul, ala Diamanda Galas style A' cappella screaming by a male
vocalist. After that, it gets wild. Diable Amoreux does a style that
they are calling "Gnomic folk" or "apocalyptic folk." In this case,
the term describes stripped down melodies on piano, guitar, or
violin (usually 1 at a time) accompanied by some really different
vocals in all kinds of ranges. The vocals are mostly spoken, though
sometimes roughly sung. There are multiple vocal tracks, and it
sounds like there may be a backing female vocal. The dramatic /
storytelling nature of the songs sometimes reminds me of King
Diamond. The themes are usually of folk legend / pagan tales. The
ambience is very lonely and natural. There are even animal noises
included. It may take the adventurous listener a few spins to really
get used to this CD simply because it is soooo different. I'm 100%
positive that you will be able to freak out friends and family with
this cranked loudly. I iwouldn't be suprised if some day this CD
spurns a whole new movement in music, with a bunch of clone bands
attempting to reproduce this extremely immaginative sound.