(From Darkentries Webzine November 2006) Again a bad translation.


Horns used for Butting

7 call he themselves, the person behind the one man project Diable Amoreux residing, on the Australian island tasmanië. In this recess of the world it is very knocked together with freaked out apocalyptic folk, experimental electronica and psychotic trollenstemmetjes, what produces music which at moments lets define itself as a malicious junction between The resident and The Legendary pink Dots or also as Psychic TV on acid folk sniffing. Heavy to metal to role game king to King to diamond and oppertrol to Mortiis let influence also their apply. Diable Amoreux especially acoustic jet ear distributes in songs concerning dwarfs, phantom houses, assassinations, poltergeists and the devil, accompanied by piano, violoncello, flute and. As the genrenaam ` gnomic folk not yet exists, invents we him at these. 11 Minutes lasting title number "Horns Used For Butting" concludes the disc with a bit neoclassical pianogetokkel by straight black metal followed. The seventh album of Diable Amoreux is a bit deliciously shifted Weirdness. And this is Weird strange folk jerked with large W. Voer for fans of total of the pot or of things such as Devil Doll. This album are dedicated to all the gnomes WHO property fallen... to pieces...