(From The Fall of Because magazine #7 November 2000) Review by Sin-nanna

Love Songs for the Devil
Lamentum used to be the name of this masterful project, now going under the name of "Diable Amoreux"- which translates as "the devil in love". Love well is for sure the zenith of concept for this release, or more so for finding it. So sad but beautiful, I would say listening to this is like a tragedy so bleak, a journey through dark and depressive ambiance to find there is no love waiting on the other side.
I would have to say this is by far the best material ever recorded in Tasmania, it's done professionally, and mood wise unfolds just perfectly unlike "Veil of Darkness", which is unstructured, but undoubtedly the darkest ever recording in Tasmania.
Let's get back to the point now, this MCD, lasting nearly 30 minutes, has three staves to its body. "For her requiem", Jjourneying to the neverworld" and "Distance through mortal time to reach her". If only he could reach her, this enigmatic person goes by the title of "7" for numerical magical reasons and wishes not to reveal his true identity. OK now getting back to the music, the first track opens up with some bass guitar and eventuates into some mortisy type keyboards and bold spoken voice, then developing into some indigenous music, didgeridoo to be exact, how's that for Australian! The second piece I love, it is dark and more industrial like.
The third piece incorporates swirling wind and water falling and has a couple of silent interludes, but if you listen carefully, you will hear a little message, which undoubtedly has gone unnoticed by the masses, or minors. I should note that the artwork is incredible on this CD, and the mastermind arty farty person is none other than "Bill!" The new release of this CD will not include the artwork, as the name of the project has changed and will now have a plain cover with a rune on front.
I have heard the new D. A. works and it is even better than this! a lot darker, eerie and more depressive, but still as innovative and imaginable. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of "Diable Amoreux's" - for her requiem, you can contact "The Fall of Because".
The only sad thing is that this lovesick man is leaving me and tassy for a while, I hope things work out better in the mainland. You didn't even perform live!
Here we go on a rating out of 10, well zero of course. What, no TEN of course! I just hope this review was worthy enough for such exceptional talent.