A Good Day for a Hanging (DA 019)

Recorded: Black Beast Studios,Tasmania. Addditional recording at Miller Street and Taree.
Released: April 2019

Track Listing:

1. If I Were the Moon, I Know Where I Would Fall Down
2. Black Blood
3. Night of the Hanging
4. The Changeling on Gallows Hill
5. The World Owes us Everything
6. The Coming of Satan
7. The Hanging of the Woodcutter
8. Flowers for Orlok
9. Sarah
10. Step on Cracks
11. A Privilege of the Dying
12. Azra
13. Leaving Gallows Hill

Ex Nihilo (DA 018)

Recorded: 2011 Tasmania at Black Beast Studios.
Released: July 2017

Track Listing:

1. The Trinity in Reason, Compassion, Truth
2. Java Man and Peking Man
3. Three Phantoms
4. Gold in Summer, Blue in Winter
5. Australopithecus afarensis
6. The Hillis Plot
7. Thus from the War of Nature...
8. Positive to Negative
9. More so than no

The Trinity In Reason, Compassion, Truth (compilation track) (RSKYR 011)

Released 10 November 2014

'Convergence - a compilation of Tasmanian experimental music - Vol. 2'

Through Rough Skies Records

Download the album at:



Recorded: Feburary 2012 Tasmania at Crooked House Studios.
Released: 2012

Track Listing:

1.The World Owes us Everything




Hearts in the Dark










Recorded: 2009 - 2010 Tasmania at Black Beast and Crooked House Studios.
Released: December 2011

Track Listing:

1. My True Love  5:52
2. …And the World will Know of my Kind  8:10
3. The Town Rat and the Country Rat  1:43
4. For we are Many  8:04
5. Round and Round the Garden  2:20
6. In the Scullery  1:26
7. In Dreary Weather  2:08
8. How Fair the Sea  5:23
9. Pull it Again  3:58
10. While they Sleep  1:38
11. The Lesser Pentagram of the Happy Rat  4:17
12. My Bonny One  4:19
13. The Wedding Dress  2:56
14. To Small Places  4:45
15. Eyes as Big as Saucers  2:53
16. Two Years Eternal  4:54

Winter Thoughts





WINTER THOUGHTS (split 7" with Hermann's Horn) (DA015)

Diable Amoreux half recorded: 2010 Tasmania at Crooked House Studios.

Hermann's Horn half recorded: 2010 Tasmania.

Released: January 2011

Track Listing:

1. Deep Dreams Flare After Long Withhold

2. Cosmic Clown



WITHIN THE CIRCLE (single) (DA014)

Recorded: 2009 Tasmania at Black Beast Studios.
Released: December 2009 through Smell the Stench www.smellthestench.net

Track Listing:

1. Within the Circle








Recorded: 2008 - 2009 Tasmania at Crooked House Studio.
Released: 2009

Track Listing:

1. Molly, Dear Molly
2. Silly Holocaust
3. We of the Mountain
4. Blue is Best
5. A Name to Curse
6. Hewey Dewey
7. The Hemlock Drinker
8. Some Great Animal
9. Mundum Odi
10. Spinning Wheels on Maiden Heels
11. Though it Rains
12. Slitzweitz

Cruelly Kind





CRUELLY KIND (mini-album) (DA012)

Recorded: 2007 Tasmania at Black Beast Studios.
Released: June 2009 through Smell the Stench www.smellthestench.net

Track Listing:

1. The Sun This Winter
2. Pull for the Shore
3. Ha! hassatan
4. Rumpelstilzchen


Ego Death split








Diable Amoreux half recorded: 2008 Tasmania at Black Beast Studios. Released: August 2008.

Track Listing:

1. A Reason to Live Here
2. Little Pleasures for the Damned (from analogue source) Part One
3. Blixa in the garden
4. Up to the Valley
5. The Mountain
6. Take a Powder
7. Little Joy
8. Hex 8/28 7008
9. Little Pleasures for the Damned (from analogue source) Part Two

10. Live 042508 @ Capp Records. Athens, Greece

By any other name sunwheel







Recorded: 2005 - 2007 Victoria/Tasmania at Black Beast Studios. Released: December 2007.

Track Listing:

1. Swastika, I
2. Swing Heil
3. I Want to Fade Now
4. Once Upone a Time Ago
5. Le Sator
6. My Man Maurice
7. The Man in the Blue Room
8. Love Under the Sun
9. To the Death I go
10. The Crumpleton Experiments
11. The Planet of Necros
12. Darkthrone

Smell the Stench



The Rescue Circle of Hans Holzer (compilation track)

Recorded: July 2007 Tasmania at Black Beast Studios.
Released 2007 on Smell the Stench Second Net Compilation.

Download the album at:





Recorded: July 2007 Tasmania at Black Beast Studios.
Released: 2007 through Smell the Stench www.smellthestench.net

Track Listing:

1.In the Company of Ghosts

Download the song at: www.smellthestench.net






OMOG (DA008)

Recorded: April 2007 Tasmania.
Released: May 2007 through Smell the Stench www.smellthestench.net

Track Listing:

1. Aimez Votre Ennemi
2. The Bite of Omog
3. The Black Cat
4. The Last of the Sane Days
5. Rat-a-tat-tat
6. Trees and Horses
7. The Man who Plays Music on his Fingers

Horns Used For Butting









Recorded: 1998 - 2006 Tasmania/Victoria. Released: July 2006.

Track Listing:

1. Horns of the Great Inverted Goat
2. The Contemplation of Gnomes
3. Those Newfangled Towers
4. ...Is a Scary Place
5. Deer Hunting
6. The Island of the Dead
7. Ruby Jade
8. Storchy Weather
9. In Van Diemen's Land
10. It's German
11. Poltergeist Girls
12. Mr. Eternity
13. Goodbye Emma
14. Horns Used For Butting

Ringstone Round



Recorded: 2004 at Black Beast Studios and on Kalon's Porter Studio, Melbourne. Released: July 2005.

Track Listing:

1. The Wizard of New Zealand
2. The Bee Song
3. Ophelia
4. Ringstone Round Little Ditty
5. Taken by Stones
6. A Lady Waits by the Sea
7. Synagogue Satanue
8. D. A.
9. Alabaster Mountain
10. The Bamboozling of Mr. Holmes
11. Weeping to Lucifer
12. Ley the Way
13. Little Cheeks
14. Dead Roses Call... Pop for Satan (lyrics)


Recorded: 2004 at Black Beast Studios, Melbourne. Released: 2004.

Track Listing:
1. The Rune and the Pentagram (lyrics)
2. Of Iron Globes
3. Shores with Forest Crown’d
4. Marry’s Crystal House
5. Praying for the Mercy Seat
6. The Gate Through Midrash
7. Chamber Spells
8. Something that is Storkless
9. The Girl with the Pentagram on her Stomach


Recorded: 2003 - 2004 Melbourne. Released: 2004.

The fear of the spirit of the triangle, which is the Wolf, and the fear of perdurabo.

Track Listing:
1. The Very Merry Month of June
2. I am But One
3. Devilmas
4. Comparing Pain
5. Be a Wolf
6. The Black Waltz
7. Victory Sunday
8. The Great Inverted Triangle and Fear of Perdurabo


Recorded: 1999 - 2002 Hobart and Melbourne. Released: 2002.

Elizabeth is the story of a vampire in six chapters. The story is told in spoken word form with musical backing. It is also a departure from the 'normal' DIABLE AMOREUX material in that it makes use of the talents of musicians other than 7; in fact other than the sixth track, the music is entirely composed by these people.



Recorded: 2000 - Melbourne and Hobart. Released: 2001.

Love Songs for the Devil is the medieval story of a girl falling in love with the Devil. Her forbidden sympathy grows into an act of mud and grave hands. But unfortunately she is forced to live in a time where her wish can not be fulfilled.

Track Listing:
One- A Fragment of What is and What Must be (Once were a fall)
Lucifer king of Heaven.

Two- Symptoms of Sympathy (Mine sleep of freeity)
She dreams that the Devil is not evil, and deserves sympathy. For he is the true creature that bares mans failures and sins - their scapegoat.
She dreams of Lucifer's past loves, those that dared to go to him - and how they died because of it, but not by his hand.
Over many nights she dreams.

Three- The Necromance of Romance (Ten loves, a thousand loves?)
She begins to study Lucifer. Amongst the high rocks and cliffs of her sea side village where no one will find her. The idea begins to form in her mind - to raise the Devil. And her love begins to blossom, from the over whelming sadness she feels for him.

Four- The Woman of the Salt (A raise of pepper tears)
She takes her newfound skills and attempts to raise him in a graveyard. She succeeds and he speaks to her, but she can not hear him.
The fact that she still uses a salt circle for protection is lamentable, as it indicates that she is still not sure of his malevolence. But it is all pointless, because he will not endanger her life from those around her, no matter how much he may desire her - he can not show himself to her.

Five- Nar-Nar (Half a loaf with his wine)
So he takes his leave. As if it were her own child saying goodbye, he must leave her. She has never known him, yet in the hearts of all women and men of substance, of the lonely and the outrages, they are lovers indeed.

Six- Epilogue (A broken heart for the heartless)
In her post-ritual state, she experiences both the dreamy and the tense. She has a vision of the true nature of Lucifer's existence. What he must do, with never a word of complaint.


Recorded: 1998 - Professional sound works, Hobart

For her Requiem is a journey into the world of lost love and the eternal search for a girl's lost half using music and sounds to tell the tale. It follows her life until she reaches the conclusion she has so long sort for.

Track Listing:
One- For Her Requiem (Lyrics)
We start off in the womb and her birth and traumatic early childhood.
Then follows her life and the realization that there is someone else, the idea of her missing half dawns on her. She dreams of her 'other half' and what he is feeling.
She also dreams of her own passed death from 'his' point of view, when he lost her, which is told in actual words.
Then comes her old age, her body is returning to the soil. She feels that it is taking too long to die from old age.
And to end we hear an element of that which once was, signifying the fact that life has come full circle, to be born is really to die.

Two- Journeying to the Neither World
She is descending into the realm of the dead, where all must go before passing on to the next plain of existence.

Three- Distance Through Mortal Time to Reach Her
She emerges on the other side, where she waits at the gaits.
He comes to meet her, walking through the mortal world, along a river and where otherworldly noises can still be heard, but she is also on a different plain to mortal women and men. She calls for him to follow her, and he does.
Finally they are united in the time and place where nothing lives and nothing dies.
And here the story ends.